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If you haven't had your network tested from the outside by a professional then you may have unknown vulnerabilities being exploited right now. The number of networks hacked into tripled in the last year alone and yet only half of the systems' managers were even remotely aware of the intrusion. All told, there was an estimated loss of approximately $123,779,000.00 due to computer crime related damages.

Even if you think you are secure it is imperative that you have a third party test conducted by professionals with no vested interest in the outcome of the assessment. Our professionals can not only find vulnerabilities that you may be missing but tell you exactly how to secure those vulnerabilities before a malicious hacker exploits them first.

  Think you're safe? Think again.
Real life scenario #1: A company simply had a web site hosted with a reputable third party hosting service. While they thought they were safe it turns out that a third party script used to process online forms had a vulnerability that could allow a malicious hacker to take control of the machine. Not only would this put the site at risk but could have led to the compromise of countless other sites hosted on that machine at the hosting provider. Who knows what the legal ramifications would have been.

Real life scenario #2: A company had an IDS system in which they placed great faith. All automated attempts to analyze the security of their network told them that they were safe. Since our vulnerability assessments are performed by actual people we were able to identify the presence of an IDS system and take measures to circumvent the security that had prevented automated scans from detecting vulnerabilities (which there were).

Network security has become a complex task that many companies simply can not handle on their own. Delivered as a service over the Web, our Network Vulnerability Assessments eliminate the burden of deploying, maintaining, and updating vulnerability management software, implementing ad-hoc security applications, and training in-house personnel. Contact us to find out how to secure your network today.


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